About the Founder

Aaliyah J. Muhammad, LICSW, TCYM


Aaliyah Muhammad is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Aaliyah was raised in a small single parent household with two younger siblings. She graduated from Tulane University with a Masters Degree in Social Work and worked as a child welfare social worker for 9 years. Aaliyah is currently a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker providing individual therapy, group therapy, reiki sessions, and more.

She continues to resides in NW DC with her daughter Neri. 

Aaliyah continues to pursue training in different modalities to help her better serve clients who have experienced trauma and need to heal from past life experiences that are keeping them stuck in life. 

Current Credentials

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Certified Financial Social Worker

Trauma Conscious Yoga Method

EMDR (Coming Soon)

Embrace Yourself and Live!


Healing ROOTs Therapy Center offers all the opportunity to find peace and relief from whatever ails, whether it be physical pain or emotional or psychological blockages.  Therapy, reiki, breath work, and yoga help to return us to our center and keep us grounded.  

Where there is reiki there must also be talk of the chakras.  Reiki helps to clear energy blockages that may be present within one or more of the 7 chakras within the human body.   Imbalance in the flow of energy can be the main cause of physical illness.  

Allow Healing ROOTs Therapy Center to become a part of your healing journey. 

Her Story

Her journey to holistic wellness started in 2011 after surviving two hospitalizations due to complications with Crohn's Disease.  The doctors informed Aaliyah she would be on medication the rest of her life and recommended she have surgery to remove the strictures in her digestive tract, but Aaliyah refused. She did not accept their prognosis, instead she educated herself on alternative and holistic practices, which allowed her to be without symptoms or complications. Aaliyah discovered the power she had to change her circumstances, simply by making more conscious decisions on food choices.   Changing her food choices, lead to changing health and beauty product choices, which then lead to the introduction of many alternative and holistic healing practices. She developed a passion for living life and experiencing all the world has to offer. Aaliyah shared her experiences and knowledge with many and was able to observe the positive outcome her influence had in their lives. She loved being able to use her pain and trauma to provide guidance and wisdom to those she encountered.